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  Barnstar History

Two Sisters Farm is the home of Barnstar Events. Once a dairy farm for more than 50 years and owned by the Burgler family. Joe and Louise Burgler farmed here until 1998 until they were no longer able to keep up with the daily demands of milking and caring for 100 head of cows. He decided to sell and luckily for us the farm ended up in our family.

I moved to Two Sisters farm in 2008. I quickly saw that by cleaning out the barn from animal usage I could create a wonderful indoor space for all the children in my life to play in during rainy days as well as a wondrful place to have parties. It took a lot of work to get it reasonably clean! Then my oldest daughter wanted to use the barn for her wedding ceremony so another layer of cleaning had to happen including bringing in a 45’ articulating lift so we could pressure wash from the ridge line down.  She also chose a 9 piece funk band for her wedding so that required a 700 sq. ft. dance floor. That act triggered the evolution of the barn. It has been growing on its own ever since. I have hosted special events from weddings and birthdays to square dances, farm to table dinners, halloween parties of the most spectacular kind and the barn has even been used as a movie set.


      From the beginning

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